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Mar 05

Editable Pages feature upgraded

  • Created:Tuesday, March 05 2013

Editable Pages allow you to create 'pages' within the BusCms system and then include them directly on your website, giving you as much or as little control over the content of your website as you chose. 

We are sure these additions will make it even easier for you to create and manage content on your website and help keep passengers up-to-date. 


Instant Public Addresses

We are pleased to say that we have updated the Editable Pages feature now so that when you create a new page you get an instantly addressable page on your website which you can share with the world or link to from other pages. You now no longer have to ask us or your web designers to create individual pages for you.


Page Categories

You can now also categorise your pages to help you more efficiently manage and keep track of pages as you add them to your website. Page categories also allow us to provide you with different pages templates for each category should you chose.