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Aug 01

BusCms.com featured in Route One

  • Created:Thursday, August 01 2013

Industry leading magazine Route One has featured BusCms.com in its July 25th edition.  
Download the latest edition in PDF format and scroll to page 63 to view the article.


Creating bus operator websites from the start 

Since delivering what’s thought to be the first UK bus operator website in 1997 (www.buses.co.uk for the prescient Brighton & Hove), Netescape Ltd, the creators of BusCms.com, have continued to pioneer quality digital solutions to the bus industry.

BusCms.com is a specialist content management system that allows bus operators to publish their often complex travel data to a range of digital platforms including website, mobile site, tablets, smartphone apps and social media all from one central source.

The beauty of the system is that travel information is entered just once before being transformed into the appropriate format to deliver quality content to each digital platform. Service timetables can be displayed with interactive route maps making it simple for passengers to find their stops with scheduled or realtime departure information presented.

News and service-specific travel alerts can be pushed simultaneously to your website, smartphone apps, mobile site, and customers’ e-mail accounts. Period tickets, print-andboard PDF tickets, and new m-tickets can all be sold online via BusCms.com simply and easily.

“Over the years we have strived to provide a flexible solution reflecting the changing needs, patterns and technology used within the industry. We use our clients’ feedback to develop new features for BusCms to further benefit the industry.”

Lee Davies, Technical Director says:

The exponential rise in mobile smartphone and tablet usage, combined with the popularity of downloadable apps, provides a real opportunity for operators to engage with customers while they are on the move.

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